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Baby Got Back - Wikipedia

In the opening verse, Sir Mix-a-Lot professes his affinity for large buttocks and his inability to disguise this fact from others. He goes on to describe other desirable physical attributes, such as a trim waistline, tight-fitting garments, and unblemished skin. Though the song does not contain a distinct narrative, the author does visit recurring themes, such as female body image as depicted in media, male attitudes toward dating and relationships, and the author's own sexual prowess. In later verses he expresses his exasperation with the entertainment industry's portrayal of the ideal female form. He soundly rejects the notion promulgated by fashion magazines that diminutive buttocks are more desirable. His critique of the women who appeared in contemporary music videos is particularly scathing, likening their appearance to those of prostitutes. To further illustrate his point, he stipulates that the purported ideal proportions of 36-24-36 (measuring the bust, waist, and hip circumferences respectively) would only be pleasing on women with a standing height no greater than 63 inches. Mix-a-Lot also briefly touches upon the roles that ethnicity, nutrition, and physical fitness play in determining the shape and size of the female buttocks. He recommends that any exercises performed should be limited to the abdominal area. He cautions against a fitness routine strenuous enough to diminish the heft of the gluteal muscles. Though he offers no broad dietary guidelines, Mix-a-Lot contends that the dish "red beans and rice" is an important food staple for maintaining healthy buttocks. Various lyrics address the fact that some men find no intrinsic value in large buttocks and consequently express a lack of interest. Mix-a-Lot makes clear that he would eagerly strike up relations with any woman overlooked or discarded by such men. The remainder of the vignette is fleshed out by the author's attempts to entice women into enjoying a ride in his luxury automobile.


This isn't a hack job, this is is the sort of hybrid we can throw our enthusiastic support behind. The body started life atop a humble 1973 Volkswagen Beetle chassis, while the running gear saw duty under a 2000 Porsche Boxster convertible's skin. The car was created by Siegfried Rudolf, who owns CarMaxx, an Austrian company that restores and customizes Porsche and Volkswagen cars.


The Stoner Arms Dealers

Packouz was baffled, stoned and way out of his league. "It was surreal," he recalls. "Here I was dealing with matters of international security, and I was half-baked. I didn't know anything about the situation in that part of the world. But I was a central player in the Afghan war -- and if our delivery didn't make it to Kabul, the entire strategy of building up the Afghanistan army was going to fail. It was totally killing my buzz. There were all these shadowy forces, and I didn't know what their motives were. But I had to get my shit together and put my best arms-dealer face on."Sitting in the restaurant, Packouz tried to clear his head, cupping a hand over his cellphone to shut out the noise. "Tell the Kyrgyz KGB that ammo needs to get to Afghanistan!" he shouted into the phone. "This contract is part of a vital mission in the global war on terrorism. Tell them that if they fuck with us, they are fucking with the government of the United States of America!

e-Sports come to the world stage

The lights of the metropolis shine brightly on the clear summer night. Down on the bay, a crowd gathers around a giant outdoor screen. Spotlights flood the area as the audience, now exceeding 50,000 people, work themselves into a fever pitch. The two teams come out on stage to deafening cheers. Teenage girls scream as one idol from each team is chosen for the first round of combat. They each enter a booth. The music swells, and the video game begins.It sounds like a science fiction story from the future. But this event actually happened in the past, in a place where such things have been commonplace for over ten years. This was the 2006 Proleague finals held in Seoul, South Korea. The game being played was StarCraft.

Hacker Monthly

We've made it - the first issue of Hacker Monthly.The June issue includes 16 articles, from programming to startup, contributed by programmers, hackers and big names like Steve Blank and Paul Graham

Pepsi Massive Failure Social Media

The Refresh Project accomplished everything a social media program is expected to: Over 80 million votes were registered; almost 3.5 million "likes" on the Pepsi Facebook page; almost 60,000 Twitter followers. The only thing it failed to do was sell Pepsi.It achieved all the false goals and failed to achieve the only legitimate one.

$999.99 Scarface Limited Edition Blu-Ray

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the ultra-luxe Blu-ray will include most of the extras currently on the DVD, as well as a few additional features -- a documentary on the film's place in culture, a picture-in-picture feature, and a scorecard feature that keeps count of the F-bombs dropped and bullets fired. Also included will be a digital copy of the film and the original 1932 black-and-white movie, of which the 1983 Brian De Palma version is a remake. But here's where it gets really special -- you'll also receive a hand-painted humidor crafted out of untreated Spanish cedar. And best of all, since only 1,000 copies of the $999.99 edition will be made available, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that only 999 other people are are as obsessed with the film as you are and have as much disposable income as you do.

$999.99 Scarface Limited Edition Blu-Ray

Russian Photos of Earth Better Than NASA

The Elektro-L is similar to their GOES satellites. "It's a geostationary weather satellite orbiting above the equator at approximately 54 degrees east," says Robert, "the US has two similar operational geostationary satellites over the east and west coasts, EUMETSAT has one over Europe and one over the Indian Ocean, Japan has one over the far western Pacific." The difference between them is that Elektro-L uses three bands in reflected light - red and two near infrared bands - while NASA's GOES doesn't have the near-infrared.

Russian Photos of Earth Better Than NASA

backlash over Amazon cloud music

A new Inc service that lets customers store songs and play them on a variety of phones and computers is facing a backlash from the music industry that could ignite a legal battle. Amazon's Cloud Drive, announced on Tuesday, allows customers to store about 1,000 songs on the company's Web servers for free instead of their own hard drives and play them over an Internet connection directly from Web browsers and on phones running Google Inc's Android software. Sony Music, home to artists such as Shakira and Kings of Leon, was upset by Amazon's decision to launch the service without new licenses for music streaming, said spokeswoman Liz Young.