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IBM Forecast 5 Innovations For Next Five Years

Every year IBM predicts the future of technology via the IBM 5 in 5 initiative-our forecast of five innovations that will help transform aspects of modern life, making the planet smarter, within the next five years. We assess not just the availability of a new technology but also the likelihood of its large-scale adoption.This year's predictions: People power will come to life * You will never need a password again Mind reading is no longer science fiction * The digital divide will cease to exist * Junk mail will become priority mail

Why We Haven't Met Any Aliens

The story goes like this: Sometime in the 1940s, Enrico Fermi was talking about the possibility of extraterrestrial intelligence with some other physicists. They were impressed that life had evolved quickly and progressively on Earth. They figured our galaxy holds about 100 billion stars, and that an intelligent, exponentially-reproducing species could colonize the galaxy in just a few million years. They reasoned that extraterrestrial intelligence should be common by now. Fermi listened patiently, then asked, simply, "So, where is everybody?" That is, if extraterrestrial intelligence is common, why haven't we met any bright aliens yet? This conundrum became known as Fermi's Paradox.

The Physics Of Clown Cars

It's the most requested clown gag ever," asserts Greg DeSanto. "Everyone wants to see a lot of clowns come out of a really small car." Considering DeSanto's position as the executive director of the International Clown Hall of Fame and Research Center in the consistently hilarious burg of Baraboo, Wisconsin, this is an assertion that needs to be taken almost somewhat seriously.

The Physics Of Clown Cars

Building pixelated cloud in Seoul

It is what developers are calling a "pixelated cloud" - a profusion of box-like extensions jutting out from the middle of two tower blocks, and fusing them together. But the design, for a new apartment complex in South Korea, has sparked a furious response from critics who say it resembles the collapse of New York's World Trade Center after the 9/11 attacks.

Tim Sweeney Acknowledged

In February, Tim Sweeney will be inducted to the Hall of Fame of the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences. He will earn a spot alongside 15 other giants of video games, people such as Super Mario inventor Shigeru Miyamoto, legendary Doom programmer John Carmack and Sim City dreamer Will Wright. Like the other Hall of Famers before him, Sweeney gets the nod for more than his work on a single game. He did create the company that made Unreal and Gears of War. He also created the first Unreal Engine, the graphics technology that has evolved to become the ubiquitous bedrock upon which Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC and even iPhone and iPad blockbusters are built. And he built a business, Epic Games, a company he started solo in his parent's house and has grown into one of the most successful independent video game development companies in the medium.

Australian Exceptionalism

It is true that the income of the wealthiest 10% of households in Australia grew faster than the income of the poorest 10% of households - the income of Australia's wealthiest 10% of households grew faster than any other cohort in the OECD. But it's also true that our poorest 10% of households experienced faster income growth than any country other than Spain and Ireland (who are now quickly reversing that growth with their economic woes) , and faster income growth than the top 10% of wealthiest households in every other country.

MLG Finals Shatter Viewing Records Again

Major League Gaming has released its viewing totals for its finals event last weekend in Providence, Rhode Island, and once again, they've broken their own records and the event was the biggest of the season.Their previous record for concurrent online viewers was in MLG Orlando with 181,000, but now? Providence boasted 241,000 with 3.6 million hours of video consumed over the weekend. 175 countries tuned in to watch the event, where the highlight was the Starcraft 2 final where 16 year -old Korean Leenock bested the Swedish Naniwa for the national championship crown.