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Duke Nukem Forever Review

Multiple developers have worked on this game for over a decade, so I don't know who to blame for the unplayable, glitchy, ugly, offensive mess it has become. No humor can make up for the game's rampant hatred of women, and the terrible writing and one-liners can't even be compensated for by good gameplay. The game's jokes about other titles are laughable when you see how putrid Duke is upon release.

Best of E3 Awards Nominations

The Electronic Entertainment Expo is a spectacular showcase of all things video game, where developers, publishers and gamers from all over the world gather to see what the future of gaming has to offer. All week long, our editors will be seeing and playing every game at E3 2011 and updating our list of nominations right here.

e-Sports come to the world stage

The lights of the metropolis shine brightly on the clear summer night. Down on the bay, a crowd gathers around a giant outdoor screen. Spotlights flood the area as the audience, now exceeding 50,000 people, work themselves into a fever pitch. The two teams come out on stage to deafening cheers. Teenage girls scream as one idol from each team is chosen for the first round of combat. They each enter a booth. The music swells, and the video game begins.It sounds like a science fiction story from the future. But this event actually happened in the past, in a place where such things have been commonplace for over ten years. This was the 2006 Proleague finals held in Seoul, South Korea. The game being played was StarCraft.

more profit for games on android

Spacetime Studios makes the popular Pocket Legends 3D MMO game for both iOS and Android. The game has gotten rave reviews on both platforms, being named one of the top five "groundbreaking" iOS games of 2010 by Mashable and one of the 10 best Android games available by's where things get interesting: Spacetime says its daily user activity on Android is more than double its level on iOS in practically every measure. On Android, the game is downloaded about 9,000 times a day, according to Spacetime; on iOS, daily downloads are in the 3,000 to 4,000 range. Perhaps even more significant, Android users who have the app use it about three times more than their Apple counterparts.

Dungeon Siege 3 Preview

Loot is still king in Dungeon Siege 3, and you'll constantly be picking up new goodies from chests and fallen enemies. Inventory management is quick and easy, though with the amount of treasure to be gathered, you may find yourself popping in and out of the menus (where gear is compared and equipped) more often than you'd like. That said, once inside your inventory screen, it's very easy to spot and select your best equipment (based on color coding and price).Co-operative play is also on tap in Dungeon Siege 3, though it wasn't available to try during my hands-on time. It'll accommodate up to four players (a maximum of 2, locally), and is similar to the drop-in, drop-out co-op present in the recent LEGO adventures. The adventure (and associated progress and loot) is tied to the host's saved-game. The game's difficulty in co-op will also scale a bit, depending on the number of human players.

Blade Symphony Soon

Puny Human have been very busy bees as of late! Last year saw some pretty big reveals for Blade Symphony, and there is another one coming soon - we're offering early access to Blade Symphony exclusively to our Supporters!

Angry Birds and the Evolution of Man

To play Angry Birds, you must use a catapult to lob little birds at structures in the hope of knocking them down on pigs. It's the verb "lob" that intrigues me. There is something much more satisfactory about an object tracing a parabolic ballistic trajectory through space towards its target than either following a straight line or propelling itself.Predicting parabolas is something humans just seem to find intriguing. How else do you explain golf? Or the awe in which we hold good quarterbacks in football and good spin bowlers in cricket? Our bodies are uniquely good at throwing things at targets. The trajectory must be prefigured in the brain before the projectile leaves the fingers. Our shoulders rotate, our scapulas slide, our pelvises pivot, our arms flex and our fingers extend.


Anyway, Phalanx: we knew we wanted this masked warrior who was some sort of high level imperial guard, someone who was really close to the ruler of the entire world in Blade Symphony. In reality, Phalanx is actually one of these Hokuten assassins who are insanely good at sword fighting, and at a moment's notice is able to take down this ruler and all his other guards if need be.