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Tech Support Achievements

A wonderful list of achievements (in the style of current computer games) making light of the day to day grind of doing tech support

robot suit for nuclear workers

THE Japanese maker of an exoskeleton robot suit to assist walking on Monday unveiled a model that could help nuclear workers weighed down by heavy anti-radiation vests in contaminated zones.

robot suit for nuclear workers


Underscore.php is a PHP port of the popular Underscore.js library. In addition to porting Underscore's functionality, Underscore.php includes matching unit tests. Underscore.php requires PHP 5.3 or greater.

How Digital Detectives Deciphered Stuxnet

But when the IAEA later reviewed footage from surveillance cameras installed outside the cascade rooms to monitor Iran's enrichment program, they were stunned as they counted the numbers. The workers had been replacing the units at an incredible rate -- later estimates would indicate between 1,000 and 2,000 centrifuges were swapped out over a few months. The question was, why? What the inspectors didn't know was that the answer they were seeking was hidden all around them, buried in the disk space and memory of Natanz's computers. Months earlier, in June 2009, someone had silently unleashed a sophisticated and destructive digital worm that had been slithering its way through computers in Iran with just one aim -- to sabotage the country's uranium enrichment program and prevent President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad from building a nuclear weapon.

amazing lego skills

I recently stumbled into a mind blowing gallery of lego pieces by a Flickr user called Kwi Chang. I've seen a ton of cool Lego work in my time, but my god...This man is insane. His mastery of using the medium is beyond anything I've ever seen. Mixing standard Lego with Technic, he creates work that while looking at his gallery, could be confused with a model kit due to how seamlessly put together it is.

amazing lego skills

amazing lego skills

If you find a USB stick....

Computer disks and USB sticks were dropped in parking lots of government buildings and private contractors, and 60% of the people who picked them up plugged the devices into office computers. And if the drive or CD had an official logo on it, 90% were installed.

Intro to Quantum Computation and Communication

An analogy: Newtonian physics is an approximation to Einsteinian physics (general relativity). Classical physics is an approximation to quantum mechanics. Classical information is an approximation to quantum information. In each case, the approximation excludes important details but serves well for many purposes. In each case, removing the approximation requires deeper understanding and harder math, but results in a truer picture of Nature and may enable new technologies.