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The Art of Drums

SceneFour has used long-exposure photography and magic glowing drumsticks to create the work. While the final artwork comes in canvas form -- all the better for that celeb-style signing, of course -- there isn't a hint of paint in how the drumming movement is captured. Cory Danziger, the collective's creative director, explains to "We were inspired to go outside of the confines of oil or acrylic. We wanted to create a new, basically untapped medium that a visual artist could work with.

The Art of Drums

Avalanches album finished

Modular founder and curator of this year's VIVID Live programme, Steven 'Pav' Pavlovic, has told TMN that the long-awaited second album from The Avalanches is finished... almost. Pavlovic was characteristically forthright when asked about the record, stating that the only thing remaining is "some tweaking to the production elements" and that a lead track from the album will, most likely, be heard this year, with the album itself out early next year. Since the November 2000 release of The Avalanches debut album Since I Left You, speculation has been rife over when, or if, a follow up record will see the light of day. The debut was a worldwide success, with universal critical acclaim and UK sales of over 200,000 units. Indie barometer Pitchfork ranked the record #10 in its albums of the decade

Electronic Explorations

In the company of Rob Booth as we travel through electronic music's hottest property, a deviously crafted patchwork of carefully sewn rhythms, sonic contortions and delicate melodies. Dubstep, minimal, juke/808, techno and advanced soundscapes. Producers who rarely see the light of day, too busy in their own homes, making some of the most arresting, forward thinking and intelligent music.If you like your music experimental, uncompromising, hand crafted and eerie, mathematical and heavy on the bass then look no further than Electronic Explorations

technics1200 no more

Fans of analog music were dealt another blow when consumer electronics company Panasonic announced earlier this month that it would be discontinuing the audio products within its Technics brand, most notably the legendary line of analog turntables.

The Tote; I Never Knew You

Presumptions about the Tote's clientele being high risk are unfounded. The local police have made it clear they have never had a problem with the venue. On Sunday afternoon they happily blocked off the intersection of Johnson and Wellington streets to give the 2000 or so protesters outside the hotel ample room to vent their anger and hear speeches from people including Milne and comedian Rod Quantock.