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Hi, I'm Fuzzwah.

59-59 Wimbledon epic smashes records

AMERICAN John Isner and Frenchman Nicholas Mahut are deadlocked at Wimbledon in the most incredible, historic and record-breaking match in tennis history.When play was suspended for the day, the match was tied at 4-6, 6-3, 7-6, 6-7, 59-59 after a battle which had ebbed and flowed for exactly 10 hours. Isner had match point at 59-58 but Mahut fired down an ace to take it back to deuce.At this point - at 9.07pm local time and with the light fading fast - match officials decided to suspend play, although Isner wanted to carry on and spectators yelled "We want more''.

Fate of the Internet Decided in a Back Room

The Wall Street Journal just reported that the Federal Communications Commission is holding "closed-door meetings" with industry to broker a deal on Net Neutrality -- the rule that lets users determine their own Internet experience.Given that the corporations at the table all profit from gaining control over information, the outcome won't be pretty.The meetings include a small group of industry lobbyists representing the likes of AT&T, Verizon, the National Cable & Telecommunications Association, and Google. They reportedly met for two-and-a-half hours on Monday morning and will convene another meeting today. The goal according to insiders is to "reach consensus" on rules of the road for the Internet.This is what a failed democracy looks like: After years of avid public support for Net Neutrality - involving millions of people from across the political spectrum - the federal regulator quietly huddles with industry lobbyists to eliminate basic protections and serve Wall Street's bottom line.

9 things to know about the internet

In spite of all the answers the internet has given us, its full potential to transform our lives remains the great unknown. Here are the nine key steps to understanding the most powerful tool of our age - and where it's taking us

Automated Trading Analysts Are Coming

The latest craze among the computerized trading community is using Johnny 5 to read through thousands of press releases in combination with some fuzzy logic and the 80/20 rule, to trade stocks pronto, even as plan vanilla Homo Sapiens are still stuck on footnote 1. The WSJ reports that: "Researchers have been working on an artificial-intelligence computer program designed to mimic the way an analyst uses financial news. In simulated trading, the program beat the S&P 500, and when combined with quantitative stock-picking techniques, it saw a return on trades of more than 20%.

Exploring the software behind Facebook

At the scale that Facebook operates, a lot of traditional approaches to serving web content break down or simply aren't practical. The challenge for Facebook's engineers has been to keep the site up and running smoothly in spite of handling close to half a billion active users. This article takes a look at some of the software and techniques they use to accomplish that

NBN buy Telstra copper for $11 billion

Telecommunications incumbent Telstra has agreed to migrate its copper and cable broadband networks to Government-owned NBN Co in a deal worth $11 billion.The two parties have signed a financial heads of agreement, announced Sunday, that will provide NBN Co with access to Telstra's passive infrastructure (pits, ducts and backhaul fibre) and eliminate Telstra as a fixed-line wholesale competitor to the Government-owned entity.

How to use GoogleCL

How to use GoogleCL.Some terminology: * service - The Google service being used (Picasa, Blogger, etc.) in all lowercase. * task - The task that the service will be doing (tag, post, delete, etc.) You can also access help by typing $ google.py help or help on a specific service with $ google help . For help with available options and what they mean, use $ google --helpNote that the first time you use a service (like picasa or youtube), you'll have to use a web browser to grant access. After that, GoogleCL will cache an oauth token in a config directory so that you don't have to login again for that service.

Brink E3 Trailer

The new E3 trailer starts off with the character customisation, then some weapon customisation before launching into gameplay proper. There's some example footage of interacting with various parts of the environment in addition to the actual running around and shooting. The trailer gives you a feel for Splash Damage's typical objective-based approach to multiplayer game design as well, showing team members performing certain tasks and the audio cues you get when control points change hands.

Eizo Pin-up Calendar 2010

The Eizo: Pin-up Calendar 2010 is really particular. This pin-up calendar offers you more than the usual integral nude : X-ray girls literally. Eizo is a brand of medical supplies and their campaign is awesome !

Tanner on how the NBN will help Telstra

When email was invented, Telstra gained and Australia Post lost. Anything that acts to shift economic activity from the physical to the digital world automatically benefits communications providers. As the dominant provider, Telstra is superbly positioned to exploit its strengths in the emerging new world of super-fast universal broadband. Sure, genuine open competition could lead to it enjoying a smaller market share, but that share is likely to be part of a much bigger market. Who is in the best position to invest in innovation, new products and risky ventures in a new broadband environment? Who is likely to partner with education and health providers to produce innovative e-education and e-health strategies? Who are businesses most likely to turn to to develop new broadband applications for their business systems? The answer, of course, is Telstra.The National Broadband Network will kick-start productivity growth in the Australian economy after a decade of sluggish performance. It will help address a number of critical problems confronting our nation. It will open up opportunities for smart people and businesses that currently don't exist. It involves risk, that's for sure, but all human progress involves risk. Irrespective of that risk, wiring Australia for the 21st century is the right thing to do.