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Hi, I'm Fuzzwah.

Testing SpaceShip Two

Virgin Galactic, the company behind the development of SpaceShipTwo and private space tourism, says yesterday's flight marked the first time SpaceShipTwo flew with a crew on board. Peter Siebold, test pilot and director of flight tests at Scaled, joined fellow test pilot Michael Alsbury aboard the VSS Enterprise as it remained mated with WhiteKnightTwo throughout the flight. It was the third captive flight for the craft and the 33rd flight for the mother ship. The craft spent six hours and 12 minutes aloft testing SpaceShipTwo's systems. Virgin says all went well.

Testing SpaceShip Two

ikaros propelled by photons

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) would like to announce that we have confirmed the successful acceleration of the Small Solar Power Sail Demonstrator "IKAROS" by photon (_1) in the course of determining its precise orbit after its sail deployment. The IKAROS was launched by JAXA on May 21, 2010 (Japan Standard time, and all the following time and dates are JST unless noted otherwise,) and has been under operation since then. The thrust by solar light pressure is 1.12 mili-Newton (_2,) which is the expected value.With this confirmation, the IKAROS was proved to generate the biggest acceleration through photon during interplanetary flight in history.

Japan's low-tech belly

One government poll shows that although 44% of Japanese use the internet at least once or twice a month, the rest responded that they use it "hardly at all" or "not at all".Considering Japan's top heavy society of over 50s, many of whom have not got to grips with the internet, and who make up 30% of the population and that figure begins to make sense.

knitting clock

'365' is a knitting clock created by german designer siren elise wilhelmsen. according to wilhelmsen, time is a concept which unites us all, making it the lowest common denominator. On the one hand, time appears to be a as physical phenomenon, logical and easily divided into the past, present and future. On the other hand, time can be viewed very subjectively. How long a minute, an hour or a year takes can depend on how time is experienced in different situations. However, this does not alter the fact that a day has 24 hours, one hour has 60 minutes and one minute has 60 seconds.

The RIAA Are Idiots

The RIAA paid Holmes Roberts & Owen $9,364,901 in 2008, Jenner & Block more than $7,000,000, and Cravath Swain & Moore $1.25 million, to pursue its "copyright infringement" claims, in order to recover a mere $391,000. [ps there were many other law firms feeding at the trough too; these were just the ones listed among the top 5 independent contractors.]

Google Preparing To Launch Google Games

The investment was made by Google itself, not Google Ventures, say our sources, and it's a highly strategic deal. Zynga will be the cornerstone of a new Google Games to launch later this year, say multiple sources. Not only will Zynga's games give Google Games a solid base of social games to build on, but it will also give Google the beginning of a true social graph as users log into Google to play the games. And I wouldn't be surprised to see PayPal being replaced with Google Checkout as the primary payment option. Zynga is supposedly PayPal's biggest single customer, and Google is always looking for ways to make Google Checkout relevant.

internet filter on backburner

The Federal Government has deferred the introduction of its mandatory internet filtering program.Communications Minister Senator Stephen Conroy says the filter will not be put in place until an independent review can be carried out into what content would be banned.He says the review is likely to take about a year, but leading internet service providers have agreed to block websites known to contain child pornography in the meantime.Senator Conroy says Telstra, Optus and Primus have all agreed to the move."I applaud these industry members for taking this stance, for stepping up to the plate, in recognition that there is some content that is not acceptable in a civil society," he said.

bubbles blown by black hole

A relatively small black hole has been spotted blowing bubbles with diameters of more than 300-1500 light years.Robert Soria of the University College London and colleagues pored over images and data from the European Southern Observatory and Chandra X-ray Observatory, zeroing in on an unusually large remnant from a supernova explosion. Its host galaxy appears in the Sculptor constellation of Earth's southern sky, around 12.7 million light years away.

Books Faster Than Kindle / iPad

The iPad measured at 6.2% lower reading speed than the printed book, whereas the Kindle measured at 10.7% slower than print. However, the difference between the two devices was not statistically significant because of the data's fairly high variability.

Prince Thinks The Internet Is Over

The Internet's completely over," the once relevent pop music maker, Prince said. "I don't see why I should give my new music to iTunes or anyone else. They won't pay me an advance for it, and then they get angry when they can't get it.