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Hi, I'm Fuzzwah.


Anyway, Phalanx: we knew we wanted this masked warrior who was some sort of high level imperial guard, someone who was really close to the ruler of the entire world in Blade Symphony. In reality, Phalanx is actually one of these Hokuten assassins who are insanely good at sword fighting, and at a moment's notice is able to take down this ruler and all his other guards if need be.


Researchers from Aachen University's Media Computing Group have created a computer workstation where the desk and screen are transformed into one multi-touch display. The display is curved at the middle and uses infrared emitters and cameras to track user movement over the whole of the surface, which has its graphical user interface beamed onto it by a couple of short throw projectors hidden within its wooden frame.

tron legacy

You will like Tron: Legacy. That's not a prediction--it's a command. Don't even try to fight it. Come December 17, when the movie comes out, your butt will be in a seat and your head will be plugged into migraine-inducing Urkel goggles like everybody else. The people from Walt Disney have made sure of it. The studio has put an estimated $170 million into this choo-choo train, and it is chugging down the track. The producers started leaking images and designs three years ago. They showed a trailer at Comic-Con before they even had a green light to make the movie. The number of dollars invested in the franchise will likely enter the mathematical regime created by reclusive Russian geniuses for defense budgets and bank bailouts. Los Angeles visual f/x house Digital Domain deployed the latest 3-D cameras and motion-capture technology to render a younger Jeff Bridges as the villain. French electronic duo Daft Punk crafted the soundtrack. Two videogames and a cartoon were given the go-ahead long ago. The writers and director collaborated on the script to ensure the production design meshed with the story, and vice versa--they even ran an early cut past the story gods at Pixar, all just to make sure the movie would actually, you know, "work." They spent years figuring out how to make Tron: Legacy connect to its antecedent. Tron: Legacy is a sequel--everybody already knows that--and the people making it knew from the start that to be a success their movie had to evoke the look and feel of the original Tron.

tron legacy

Nuclear watchdog computer security role

THE International Atomic Energy Agency could add computer security at nuclear plants to its remit after it emerged that stuxnet, the first computer worm known to attack industrial machinery, is indeed targeted at nuclear energy equipment as many observers had suspected."It's not the IAEA's primary role to monitor how well nuclear plants are operating," says Greg Webb, spokesman for the nuclear watchdog in Vienna, Austria. "But if our 150 member states want us to, we could facilitate meetings that help nuclear operators develop more secure computing systems."Such measures might include ensuring there are no connections between office computers and PCs monitoring control systems - or ensuring plant staff cannot insert USB sticks which may carry malware into critical hardware.


The paradox of an instant, worldwide, connected marketplace for all goods and services:All that succeeds is the unreasonable.You can get my attention if your product is unreasonably well designed, if your preparation is unreasonably over the top, if your customer service is unreasonably attentive and generous and honest. You can earn my business or my recommendation if the build quality is unreasonable for the intended use, if the pricing is unreasonably low or if the experience is unreasonably over-the-top irresistible given the competition.Want to get into a famous college? You'll need to have unreasonably high grades, impossibly positive recommendations and yes, a life that's balanced. That's totally unreasonable.The market now expects and demands an unreasonable effort and investment on your part. You don't have to like it for it to be true.In fact, unreasonable is the new reasonable.

Patrick Matthew > Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin's theory of gradual evolution is not supported by geological history, New York University Geologist Michael Rampino concludes in an essay in the journal Historical Biology. In fact, Rampino notes that a more accurate theory of gradual evolution, positing that long periods of evolutionary stability are disrupted by catastrophic mass extinctions of life, was put forth by Scottish horticulturalist Patrick Matthew prior to Darwin's published work on the topic."Matthew discovered and clearly stated the idea of natural selection, applied it to the origin of species, and placed it in the context of a geologic record marked by catastrophic mass extinctions followed by relatively rapid adaptations," says Rampino, whose research on catastrophic events includes studies on volcano eruptions and asteroid impacts. "In light of the recent acceptance of the importance of catastrophic mass extinctions in the history of life, it may be time to reconsider the evolutionary views of Patrick Matthew as much more in line with present ideas regarding biological evolution than the Darwin view.

technics1200 no more

Fans of analog music were dealt another blow when consumer electronics company Panasonic announced earlier this month that it would be discontinuing the audio products within its Technics brand, most notably the legendary line of analog turntables.

Original Darth Vader costume auction

The jet-black helmet, mask and armor worn by the intergalactic villain are expected to sell for between 160,000 pounds and 230,000 pounds ($250,000 and $365,000) at a sale of pop culture memorabilia next month. Christie's said Wednesday that the costume is thought to have been made for "The Empire Strikes Back," the second film in George Lucas's sci-fi series, released in 1980.

Original Darth Vader costume auction

Lead Software Engineer For StarCraft 2

The StarCraft 2 team spent most of Blizzcon talking about the map editor and custom games. We spoke with Alan Dabiri, a Lead Software Engineer for Wings of Liberty who worked on the user interface and helped out on the game's integration with Battle.net. He provided some more details about plans for making the map editor more approachable, the coming updates for Battle.net (including chat channels), and a bit about the development of Heart of the Swarm, the Zerg-themed expansion being worked on now. Read on for our conversation about StarCraft 2.

Diablo 3 PvP Arena Hands on

At BlizzCon 2010, Blizzard announced that at least part of the player-versus-player experience in Diablo III will take place in a team arena. I got a chance to play a three versus three match for about forty-five minutes.Only three of the five classes were playable in PvP, but they were sufficiently powered-up with numerous skills. I tried all three and while I think I had the most success with the Wizard, the Barbarian and Witch Doctor both had effective abilities and combat roles.If Blizzard can balance this PvP, I could see it easily becoming an eSport. The matches are extremely intense and require intense coordination to succeed. It quickly led to taunting and cheering as we all figured out the game. The arena was square-shaped and full of pillars and barriers for cover. In the middle of the round, four health orbs will spawn in the center providing the only healing available to players.