Hi, I'm Fuzzwah.

This site is a dumping ground for things I find interesting. If you're looking for content I've personally generated you might want to head directly to one of my other sites:

Hi, I'm Fuzzwah.

Build An App Using Flask, SQLAlchemy and PostgreSQL

In this blog, we will write a todo application using Flask , Flask-SQLAlchemy , PostgreSQL , and Twitter Bootstrap. The purpose of this blog is not just to help developers write Python Flask web applications but to also help them deploy their application in the Cloud. In this blog, we will deploy our Flask todo application on OpenShift. OpenShift provides scalable hosting for Python web applications. Another purpose of this blog is to help newbie OpenShift Python application developers who want to get started with Python development on OpenShift. Finally, this blog will also show how to connect a Postgresql database from a Python application. By the end of this blog you will be able to see how using a Platform as a Service can quickly get you going with Python and PostgreSQL and we will have a todo application running on OpenShift

Fossil from new feathered dinosaur found

Scientists have unearthed a spectacularly preserved, nearly complete fossil in north-eastern China of a feathered dinosaur with wings like those of a bird, although they doubt the strange creature could fly.

Fossil from new feathered dinosaur found

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Python!

This opinionated guide exists to provide both novice and expert Python developers a best-practice handbook to the installation, configuration, and usage of Python on a daily basis.

Time to Rethink fuzzyslogic.com

I built the current version of fuzzyslogic.com with the idea that it had to be able to handle the fact that internet services come and go. I made it simple for me to switch from one hosting provider to another and be able to add and remove the collection of content from sites and services as they came and went. These features have worked wonderfully; when I moved to the US I switched from an Australian host to an American one, I've switched from using wordpress to blogger for my blogging service, I've switched from spurl to diigo for online bookmarking.... etc.

However, there was one single point of failure in all this; Yahoo Pipes. It is an amazing system that not many people have heard about, basically it allowed me to feed in a stack of rss feeds, munge them all together and spit out data in a format of my choice.

Now Pipes being shut down.

At the end of August 2015 the back end system for fuzzyslogic.com will stop pulling in new content because Pipes won't be there to do it.

I'm forced to consider what to do. Since I built all of this around Pipes I've learned to love a python library called Beautiful Soup, which I could use to build a custom system to replace what I was using Pipes for.

However, I have to stop and consider the fact that I haven't really been making much use of fuzzyslogic.com anyway. Combine that with the fact that no one else actually visits the site anyway..... then maybe I don't really need to invest any effort in keeping it running.

I could kill off the host all together and shift the domain name over be hosted by my registra or simply point it directly at the fuzzy's logic blogger site. This would be saving me US$5 a month and never having to worry about updating a web server or even monitoring one.

The only other things I've been using the web server host for is running my RSS aggregator which I can replace with another service such as inoreader.com, running an IRC bot in a channel which has recently been replaced by our group using Slack and storing random files (which I can use any number of cloud storage places for).

I've got a little over a month to think about it.... but at this stage I'm leaning towards shutting down the web server.

2015 Season 2

Season 2 of 2015 is complete except for the Week 13 craziness. I'm missing out on that fun and also missed out on Week 12, as my gaming PC and wheel were packed up and shipped off to Australia. Sadly I won't see them again for roughly 12 weeks, meaning I'm going to miss out on virtually all of 2015 Season 3.

It also means that I don't have a PC to run my stats app on, so I can't even post up my pretty graphs for 2015 S2.

There were only 3 things which mattered anyway and they are:

  • I'm still B licensed, with a Safety Rating of 3.34

  • My iRating is 3052

  • I finished 11th out of 1089 Mustang drivers in the Grand Touring Cup

I could have been promoted to A License, but decided not to complete the MPR. I have no interest in racing the Williams Formula 1 car, so there simply isn't a need for me to worry about going to A.

I'm very proud of getting my iRating up over 3000, as my goal for this season was just to stay above 2000 and try out some new cars. Obviously I fell in love with the Mustang and really struggled to get a feel for the Ruf C-Spec. I basically gave up on the Ruf Cup mid way through the season as I didn't have the time to practice and increase my skill enough to feel comfortable in races.

At the start of the season I had no plans on shooting for a good overall finish in the GTC, but it became clear that I was decently quick in the Mustang and I really enjoyed racing it. By the end of the season I was bummed to miss out on the final week's races at Road Atlanta. That absence saw me slip from 9th to 11th in the overall results and from 3rd to 4th in division 2. When I get back up and running I'll be looking to improve on those results and get firmly into the top 10 Mustang drivers.

Triple Screens

I've purchased a new video card and 3 matching monitors in order to get iRacing up and running in a triple screen setup.

!-- image triple-screens_1.jpg --!

I knew that it would be an improvement, but oh boy I didn't fully comprehend just how awesome running iRacing at a 143 degree field of view would be.

One side effect was that I could not longer use my iRacing Session Info application in the same way I had in the past. Previously I ran iRacing in windowed mode on my main screen and other applications on my 2nd screen; Session Info, iSpeed.

I didn't want to be alt-tab'ing in and out of the iRacing application rather than warming up before a race, so I worked out a solution.

As you can see in my photo above, I have my android phone attached to the center of my steering wheel and display the speed delta and fuel info from iSpeed on it. I now also use an android app called Remote Launcher which I use to run a batch file that executes my Session Info app. When it finishes collecting all the data from the website it plays a wav file letting me know. Session Info now includes a feature to output to a html file and I run a simple webserver on my PC called Mongoose which allows me to load up that html file on my phone and check all the info out.

I'm doing final testing on all this at the moment and as soon as I'm confident it is all super solid I'll update my Session Info page with the new version and details.