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Hi, I'm Fuzzwah.

How to Become a Data Scientist (Part 1/3)

So you have made the decision to become a data scientist. Great, you are on your way. But now you have another choice, which is: what kind of data scientist do you want to become? Because – it is important to acknowledge – while data science as a profession has been recognised for a number of years now, there still isn’t a commonly accepted definition of what it actually is.

In reality, the term ‘data scientist’ is regarded as a broad job title and so it comes in many forms, with the specific demands dependent on the industry, the business, and the purpose/output of the role in question. As a result, certain skillsets suit certain positions better than others, and this is why the path to data science is not uniform and can be via a diverse range of fields such as statistics, computer science and other scientific disciplines.

Dementia Village Dwellers Live in Alternate Reality

A total of 150 Alzheimer’s sufferers live in Hogewey, this gated community unlike any other. Located in the Netherlands, it boasts copious walking paths and open green spaces, a grocery shop, hair salon and dozens of stores and clubs.

The friendly grocers and stylists are, however, all employees of the facility (caregivers, doctors and nurses). If someone approaches the single exit to the outside world they are politely, gently but firmly told to perhaps try another door as this one is closed.

Dementia Village Dwellers Live in Alternate Reality

Scythe: The most-hyped board game of 2016

No matter how you slice it, the game is a big deal. If you care about board gaming in 2016, you should know about Scythe. But its massive hype also brings with it the crushing weight of huge expectations from thousands of people who plunked down upwards of $100 (or more) for a single game. Add to that the cross-armed naysayers standing on the sidelines, ready to tear the game apart if it isn't something truly special.

Scythe: The most-hyped board game of 2016

Material Design Icons

Material Design Icons' growing icon collection allows designers and developers targeting various platforms to download icons in the format, color and size they need for any project.

Material Design Icons

America uses stealthy submarines to hack other countries

The so-called "silent service" has a long history of using information technology to gain an edge on America's rivals. In the 1970s, the U.S. government instructed its submarines to tap undersea communications cables off the Russian coast, recording the messages being relayed back and forth between Soviet forces. (The National Security Agency has continued that tradition, monitoring underwater fiber cables as part of its globe-spanning intelligence-gathering apparatus. In some cases, the government has struck closed-door deals with the cable operators ensuring that U.S. spies can gain secure access to the information traveling over those pipes.)

America uses stealthy submarines to hack other countries

Ten Rules for Negotiating a Job Offer

The rules, in order of appearance, are:

1) Get everything in writing

2) Always keep the door open

3) Information is power

4) Always be positive

5) Don’t be the decision maker

6) Have alternatives

7) Proclaim reasons for everything

8) Understand what they value

9) Be motivated by more than just money

10) Be winnable

So let’s start from the top and try to walk through a negotiation process from the very beginning. For most, that starts when you receive an offer.

Bayesian Methods for Hackers

Bayesian Methods for Hackers is designed as an introduction to Bayesian inference from a computational/understanding-first, and mathematics-second, point of view. Of course as an introductory book, we can only leave it at that: an introductory book. For the mathematically trained, they may cure the curiosity this text generates with other texts designed with mathematical analysis in mind. For the enthusiast with less mathematical-background, or one who is not interested in the mathematics but simply the practice of Bayesian methods, this text should be sufficient and entertaining.