Banksy Banned From Oscars

The saga of "Banksy Meets the Oscars" continues. You might recall that we reported that the Academy Awards producers were concerned that the faceless-yet-famous street artist, whose Exit Through the Gift Shop is a nominee for a Best Documentary award, would show up to redeem his prize wearing a disguise, perhaps his familiar monkey mask, something they weren't to pleased about. As was reported immediately after, the Academy apparently eventually struck up a deal with the artist that, should his film win, his co-producer, Jamie D'Cruz, would accept the award on behalf of both of them. Now, following a few weeks of Banksy-esque art popping up on Los Angeles streets, possibly to help wage a campaign for the win, it's come out that the Academy has flat out refused the artist's entry into the ceremony. The same story prevails, that they do not want a mysterious man in a mask among the crowd, let alone storming the stage.