Brink Hands on Preview

Jumping into the game, movement immediately feels - for lack of a better expression - very solid. Much more grounded like Modern Warfare 2, as opposed to say Halo. The SMART movement system is well-executed and surprisingly intuitive. If you want to vault up onto higher terrain parkour style, you just hold the SMART button and look up as you approach the obstacle - the same goes for sliding under things. I'd even go so far to say that there's little doubt that we'll see this mechanic adopted by many other fast-paced shooters in the future.It's a bit of a diversion from the skill and practice required to perform some of the old Quake engine trick jumps, but it brings that same kind of map navigation down to the level of the average player in such a way that feels as natural as any other method of movement in a first-person shooter. Depending on level design, and of course the agility of your chosen character class, it seems like there're still going to be a few tricky leaps that will be tough to master.