G4tv Interviews Gabe Newell

G4: So, is it safe to say that [Valve] have like four different projects in development right now? So, you have Left 4 Dead 2, you have Team Fortress 2, I'm going to go out on a limb and say Portal 2 and then...Episode 3?\n\nNewell: [laughs] Uh, I'm not going to talk about things that we...we're talking about Left 4 Dead 2 and Episode 3. As far as I know, that's all that we're talking about publicly.\n\nDoug Lombardi: We're not talking about Episode 3 publicly. (smiles)\n\nNewell: Oh well, I guess I'm not talking about Episode 3 publicly either. (laughs) So..what's your question? Yes, we have a lot of stuff that's going on. We have Steam. Steam's a lot of work. We have these movie things that we make, they take a lot of work.