Raspberry Pi 2

I've placed an order for a Raspberry Pi 2. Alas I didn't get in quick enough when they were first announced and I'm now waiting on a back order being filled. It'll probably arrive in my hot little hands in 2 to 3 weeks. The wait isn't going to kill me, due to what I'm planning on using it for.

I'll be using it to replace the current first gen R-Pi I've been using as a media player, running XBian. I've been pretty happy with the performance of it; as I was able to use xbmc, sickbeard and transmission on it and have 3 external USB drives connected via USB hub. But lately we've noticed that it can get a little slow to respond and update the file listings in menus.

I'm looking towards switching the system over to use OSMC rather than XBian, they already have a build specifically for the R-Pi 2 and I like the approach they're taking. I suspect it'll be nice and speedy.

This will then free up the old R-Pi to take on the work of being the guts of my revamped RFID Music setup.