Tim Sweeney Acknowledged

In February, Tim Sweeney will be inducted to the Hall of Fame of the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences. He will earn a spot alongside 15 other giants of video games, people such as Super Mario inventor Shigeru Miyamoto, legendary Doom programmer John Carmack and Sim City dreamer Will Wright. Like the other Hall of Famers before him, Sweeney gets the nod for more than his work on a single game. He did create the company that made Unreal and Gears of War. He also created the first Unreal Engine, the graphics technology that has evolved to become the ubiquitous bedrock upon which Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC and even iPhone and iPad blockbusters are built. And he built a business, Epic Games, a company he started solo in his parent's house and has grown into one of the most successful independent video game development companies in the medium.